Duration: 3-4 hours.

We sailing a trip on the fjord and enjoying the freedom of the wind in 
the sails, waves, salt sea and canoeing. After a while we being at the 
Cheese farm produce and walking up to the farm. There we will have a 
90 minutes visit and will taste their delicious products and more.

Cheese farm by the fjord

At Breivik farm in Fana by the Fanafjorden outside Bergen lies Ostegården (Cheese farm). Cheeses and other handmade products are produced from own milk and other local produce. They have 12 milk cows on the farm and use all the milk for making cheese.

Ostegårdens Fanaost got 1rd place in 2018 in the World Cheese

5244 Fana Norway                       mob.  +47 950 40 206

E-post. post@fjordfun.no                   www.fjordfun.no