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Here you can find out more about our maritime courses and decide what suits you. Please contact us for customized courses.


20 hour theoretical boating curse + practice                


Our boating course is of 20 hours theory

+ practice at sea with emphasis on port maneuvering.

To give yourself the necessary safety at sea it is important

 that you as boater have the necessary theoretical knowledge

 and practical skills. You can obtain that knowledge by

 taking the boating course through us.


Boat license provides safety and boat rental

It is required for individuals born in 1980 or later to drive

a boat over 26 feet in length or 25 horsepower.

If you were born before 1980 a course will still be helpful

and give you the needed confidence. Boat hire abroad requires

a boating license and VHF certificate.

The boating course test covers the requirements of the NMD's

 curriculum for the Craft pilot test.

Beginners course - sailing in theory and practice


This course is for those who want an engaging and exciting

introductory course in cruising and practical seamanship.


The course is held in a modern cruise ship in which through active participation and under the guidance of a skilled and experienced instructor you will obtain a good understanding and training in:

• To sail and trimming sail

• To dock/ extract from dock

• Practical training in steering regulations and maneuvering

• Knots and mooring

• Emergency and safety procedures.


The course is 10 hours and lasts for two days with departure and arrival at Fanahammeren both days.


We also customize courses for groups of 4-6 people.